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DSi Headquarters DSI was founded in Traverse City, MI in 1990. It was an organization founded on honesty, integrity and trust. A company built by a team of individuals who shared the common belief of embracing challenges to make a difference in the industry. From the beginning through today, DSI has offered a challenging environment with opportunity for the DSI team to realize their full potential and achieve personal balance in their lives.

In 1990 DSI began working with the retail promotional industry, handling in-store promotions for major chains across the country. Successfully managing fulfillment and delivery to thousands of stores nationwide within a narrow delivery window, DSI quickly established itself as the industry leader.

In 1993, DSI embarked on a new journey when they were selected to manage sample distributions and deliveries for a major pharmaceutical company. Drawing on its strengths and experience for time-sensitive deliveries, it wasn't long before DSI was raising the bar for service levels in this industry. Today DSI has emerged as a leader, providing unsurpassed service for several large and small pharmaceutical firms, breaking down old barriers and setting a new standard through innovation and attention to detail.

DSI's innovative talents came to the forefront in 1997 when they implemented a separated luggage delivery system for a major airline. Their groundbreaking system has standardized and automated a previously paper and labor-intensive process for the airlines, while containing costs and improving service. Today, DSI (Diversified Services International) provides this service for several major airlines in over 140 cities across the country and manages over 3 million annual deliveries of separated luggage.

In 1999, DSI hosted its first annual solutions conference near its headquarters in Traverse City, MI. Realizing the only path to true continuous improvement for everyone involved in the delivery process, was to bring vendors, clients and industry guests to Northern Michigan to resolve issues together. Innovative spirit and drive in the name of improving client service never stops at DSI.

In 2005, DSI became a subsidiary of Priority Solutions International expanding its organizational footprint beyond Traverse City, MI and Memphis, TN to now include Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Today, DSI's industry experience and knowledge is second to none. DSI... continues to perform at levels above their competition by introducing technological innovations and new quality standards that meet and exceed today's service requirements.

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