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United Airlines to implement Diversified Services International's (dsi) innovative Baggage Delivery System

Traverse City, MI, April 2004 - United Airlines has taken their commitment to customer service to a new level for baggage delivery. Together with Diversified Services International (dsi), United is aggressively implementing an innovative Baggage Delivery System.

Created and developed by Distribution Solutions International (DSI), and managed by Diversified Services International (dsi), a wholly owned subsidiary of DSI, the new system has standardized, simplified and automated the previous method.

Prior to implementation of dsi's standardized system, United relied on independent suppliers in each destination city to deliver baggage to passengers when their baggage was separated due to voluntary or involuntary flight changes, or when accidentally left behind by travelers.

When a passenger becomes separated from their baggage, United's system reports, recovers and sends the baggage to the correct destination city. At that time, dsi's system manages the baggage delivery to the passenger.

Under the long-term agreement with United, dsi will also provide accounting, auditing and electronic vendor payments. From a client service standpoint, dsi will manage & monitor supplier performance and make recommendations for quality improvements.

United will have access to dsi's LogiTRACK¨ management system for detailed delivery information relating to data management and analysis. The system standardizes, simplifies, automates, measures and manages the entire baggage delivery process, dramatically reducing paperwork and cutting costs of doing business for the airline and delivery suppliers.

"Since we created this system in 1997, it has continued to evolve, continuously improving for the better. We are committed to its continued success and a long-term strategic partnership with United Airlines. It is a winning combination for everyone - United, their passengers and dsi", stated Shannon Core, President & C.O.O. of DSI.

DSI, the leading customer-focused business process and distribution management company, performs millions of deliveries annually for airline, pharmaceutical and publishing clients in the United States and all of its territories. DSI's services include Distribution, Reverse Logistics and Last Mile Services

To learn more about DSI, please visit their web site at www.dsii.com.

United Airlines is one of the world's largest air carriers flying in excess of 500 jets to more than 131 destinations worldwide from their hubs in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

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