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Why DSi

Finding a Better Way

At Distribution Solutions International, our people spend each day focused on finding better ways to meet our clients' logistical and supply chain challenges. Everyone is empowered to streamline, simplify and bring brilliant solutions to the table. From order generation through delivery confirmation, our people are passionate about improving the process. Our customers enjoy single sourcing, common language, simplified pricing and scalability. This is why we deliver best-in-class performance and total customer satisfaction.
And why we have never lost a customer.

Send your Paperwork Packing

Doing business with a hundred different agents offers a thousand different opportunities for problems to arise. At DSi we offer a unique service that allows for complete distribution management and automated payment processes. Our web-based approach provides system-generated, prenegotiated rates -- leaving no opportunity for human error, unauthorized charges or rate changes. Automate every transaction from order to proof of delivery to payment for improved cost containment. And relieve a lot of headaches.

Get a Handle on Your Business Like Never Before

DSi clients receive unprecedented management tools that effectively gauge and track quality of service and cost by city, area, customer, vendor and shipment -- just to name a few. Our clients remain compliant with all legal requirements, insurance standards and industryspecific guidelines. DSi brings you clear visibility of your vendors' compliance, cost and performance, allowing you time to build strong client relationships and increased profit margin.

How Good Companies Become Great Companies

Having the management tools to properly evaluate and review your company's current performance positively impacts your future performance and success. At DSi, we continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your invoicing, auditing, verifications, returns, storage and more. Enjoy the freedom to concentrate on value-added activities and core competencies. Manage your business with DSi and find new ways to save.

Continuous Improvement

DSi is committed to continuous improvement and has an established process for periodic review with every client. This service is provided for every client regardless of size. It is our responsibility to meet and/or exceed all performance objectives while continuously seeking ways to improve the process. Through this review, we uncover solutions that contribute to your company's success and ultimately, its bottom line.